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ECC Economic and Corporate Consultants Ltd 

ECC Economic and Corporate Consultants Ltd is a Cypriot company, registered under register number: 307726


ECC Limited exclusively serves a selected clientele that has to be mandated by lawyers etc.

ECC is not involved in any customer acquisition activity of its own, which means that any direct contacting is only possible through an appropriate law office.


As a prerequisite, the placement of a mandate by the law office has to be submitted and evidenced in the form of our default print-out documentation (power of attorney, proof of funds, RWA Letter).

We ourselves will not directly invoice the client for our work.


The agreements required for project funding and own-capital improvements are also returned by the appropriate law offices and submitted to the client for approval.


As a basic condition for us to become active, any client who is presented to us by a law office has to prove the current existence of the funds in a form required by us. Without such a verifiable proof, we will not become active.



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